Stock Management

How to use the Stock Management feature within Inventories?

To advance the monitoring of your inventory, SciNote offers the Stock Management feature inside inventories and assigned items in tasks. This feature provides you the opportunity to monitor the stock of a particular item along with date reminders. 

To use Stock Management, start by creating a custom column in your Inventory.

While doing that, please remember to:
  • Select “Stock” from the “Column types” dropdown menu.
  • Define the decimals and select the stock unit from the list. Don't see the unit you are looking for? You can add your own!


Setting the item’s stock

Now that you have added a stock column, it is time to establish the starting stock. Setting the stock is easily available with one click on the “Set stock” button. This opens a window for setting the amount and the unit.


When doing this for the first time, it is important to fill out the amount and the unit fields. 


Creating a low stock reminder can be especially useful for your team to avoid the unwanted “out of stock” situation. You can easily set the reminder by checking off the box next to "Create a low stock reminder" and indicating your alert amount.

  • When the reminder is triggered, you and your teammates will see a bell icon 🔔 next to the item this reminder is assigned to.
  • A warning icon in the item’s row will appear if the item reaches your indicated alert amount.

Editing the item’s stock 

  • Add” operation adds the entered value in the Amount field to the existing stock.
  • Remove” operation subtracts the entered value in the Amount field from the existing stock. At the bottom of the window, you can see a preview of changes.


Note: The units cannot be changed when you are adding or subtracting the amount from the existing stock of the item.

Track consumption in a task

Once you have the stocks set for inventory items, you can begin tracking their consumption in the assigned items in tasks:

  • Click on the “Consume” button in the assigned items table and enter the amount used in the window.
  • Click on the displayed amount to edit an already recorded consumption of an item.Picture5-2

Every consumption of an assigned item recorded in a task is automatically deducted from the item stock in your inventory when you click save.
The consumption of assigned items is also displayed in reports and task snapshots, and tracked in the activities and audit trails.


Setting date reminders

Date reminders are helpful for not only tracking expiration dates but also calibration dates on your instruments. To add a date reminder, begin by creating a new Date or Date & Time column.

For example, if you want to have an expiration date reminder set for your chemicals, search for the reminder option in the Date and Date & Time column types in your inventory. Selecting the reminder option will enable the fields where you can enter how soon (before the set date) you want to be reminded.


  • When the reminder is triggered, you and your teammates will see a bell icon 🔔 next to the item this reminder is assigned to.
  • The items with a set date reminder will get a red dot 🔴 in the Date or Date & Time column.

Clicking on the bell icon will open additional information about the reminder (date or stock) and offer you the option to clear the reminder for yourself. If you want to clear all of them at once, simply click the “Clear all reminders” button in the inventory toolbar (see picture below). Don’t worry, this will only clear the reminders for you.



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