Adding items to the inventory

You can add each item to the inventory individually or you can import an existing database of inventory items (samples, reagents, lab equipment, etc.) as a .csv, .txt, .tsv or .xlsx file.

This can be done by all team members except those that have the Guest role.

To manually add an individual item, simply click New item above the sample inventory (see the screenshot below), name it, and click Save

2022-04-21 14_47_08-SciNote _ Inventories _ Proteins-1


If you wish to import a file of existing items, please, follow the next steps:

  1. Create the same number of columns in SciNote that you wish to import from your file (please click here to see how to do this)
  2. Click on Edit inventory
  3. Select Import items as shown on the screenshot below. ffffffff-May-17-2022-08-36-35-27-AM
  4. A pop-up will ask you to upload a file (see the screenshot below). You can upload a .csv, .txt, .tsv or .xlsx file. Select a file and then click Upload.

Match the columns of your uploaded file to the columns in SciNote (see the picture below) and select Import.

Please note: if you wish to import a date into SciNote, the date format needs to be the same in both SciNote and in Excel. In the latter, the cell type should be 'Text'. 

There are 5 pre-set inventory columns in SciNote: Assigned, ID, Name, Added on, and Added by. The names of these columns cannot be changed. When you are linking columns from your file to columns in SciNote, you are only going to be able to link the Name column out of these five.


It is possible to upload up to 2000 items at once from a file, so if you have a database you would like to upload that is larger than that, please split it into parts accordingly.

There is also a limitation to drop-down options you can have within a column. The limit is 500. If you have more than 500 options within a drop-down list (please see the screenshot below), some of them will not show.


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