Organization Administrator Permissions

An Organization Administrator or System administrator is someone who has full authority when it comes to managing users and Teams within the Organization, i.e. the private SciNote instance with a unique URL link.

They are the only role able to:

  • invite people to the Organization
  • create new Teams
  • manage its members (lock or activate user accounts, set a substitute Organization Admin, etc.).

The Organization Administrator is the only one who can see the Members tab and the Organization tab under Settings (see below).

organization tab

For a more detailed overview of SciNote's user roles and permissions, please see this table.


To learn how to add people to your SciNote organization, please follow along in this article.

In addition, under the Organization tab Organization administrators can:

  • change the password policy for the entire Organization 
  • access the system log records (i.e. history of all logins and logouts) which can be exported as a .csv file.

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