Organization Administrator Permissions

An Organization Administrator is someone who has full authority when it comes to managing users and Teams within the Organization, i.e. the private SciNote instance with a unique URL link.

They are the only role able to:

  • invite people to the Organization
  • create new Teams
  • manage its members (lock or activate user accounts, set a substitute Organization Admin, etc.).
  • Access the System Log

The Organization Administrator is the only one who can see options beyond Teams, Add-ons and SciNote version. (See below)

org admin permissions

For a more detailed overview of SciNote's user roles and permissions, please see this article for the up-to-date permission table.


To learn how to add people to your SciNote organization, please follow along in this article.

In addition, under the Organization tab Organization administrators can:

  • change the password policy for the entire Organization 
  • access the system log records (i.e. history of all logins and logouts) which can be exported as a .csv file.

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