How to enable Protocol parser

Let's explain what Protocol parser is and how to enable it

Caution: Protocol parser is still in Beta. This means that it might work unexpectedly or not at all.

Protocol parser is using machine learning to improve, so it should get better with time.


Note: Since the Protocol Parser is currently in Beta, we would love to hear your feedback. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our contact page.

What is Protocol parser?

Protocol parser is a feature that enables users a direct import of protocols from .docx format into SciNote protocol templates.

How to enable Protocol parser

Organizational admin can enable Protocol parser for the whole organization. You will need to agree for SciNote AI to have access to your data. Note that your data will not be used for anything else other than training AI owned by SciNote LLC.

  • You can enable AI learning by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner and selecting "Organization"
  • Under Organization you can scroll down to find "AI learning" option and you can choose to opt-in for your data to be accessed by SciNote AI by clicking "Yes"AI_learning_opt_in


How to upload a .docx file to Protocol parser

  • In the left menu click on Templates and then choose Protocol
  • Click on Import button and select "MS Word (.docx)"
  • Click on Import button in the following pop-up and choose a .docx file you wish to import.

  • You will see a notification that protocol is importing.
  • When importing is finished you will see a pop-up telling you that it is done. If the import is taking too long you will get an option to close the pop-up and get a notification when import is finished. Look for a notification on the top right (bell icon in SciNote dashboard).

If the protocol is not importing or you see any errors please contact SciNote support.

  • New protocol should now appear under Protocol Templates.


How should .docx file look like?

If you want to import protocol template it should be saved exclusively in a .docx file.

Note: You can only upload one protocol at a time, so make sure your .docx file contains only one protocol.


We have specific guidelines for the formatting of .docx files. Here you can download a template that includes detailed instructions on how to format your file. If you're editing an existing file, please remember to remove the instructions section (usually found on the last page) before uploading it to the Protocol Parser.

Note: Tables may not be parsed accurately, so we recommend double-checking them after parsing.