How to Use the Stock Management Column?

Stock management is an add-on for your inventory that will keep track of and monitor the stock of a particular item.

To create a stock column:

    1. Navigate to your desired inventory.
    2. Click Manage columns. manage columns
    3. Click the add column button.
    4. Name the stock column.
    5. Select Stock in the column type drop-down.
      stock management column
    6. Determine the number of decimal digits you want to include by typing the number.
    7. Customize your stock units list. Don't see the unit you are looking for? You can add your own!
      stock management column 1
    8. Once finished, click the save column button.

How to set the item's stock:

  1. If your inventory does not have any items, begin by creating a new item.
  2. Click Set stock in the stock column.
    stock management column 2
  3. Type the item amount in the amount box.
  4. Select your unit for the unit dropdown.
    stock management column 3
  5. Click Save stock

Tip: Did you know you can also set a low stock reminder?

Creating a low stock reminder can be useful to avoid the unwanted “out of stock” situation. You can easily set the reminder by checking off the box next to "Create a low stock reminder" and indicating your alert amount.

  • When the reminder is triggered, you and your teammates will see a bell icon bell next to the item this reminder is assigned to.
  • A warning icon in the item’s row will appear if the item reaches your indicated alert amount.
  • To receive in-app and/or email notifications, follow this article. 

Editing the item’s stock 

  • Add” operation adds the entered value in the Amount field to the existing stock.
  • Remove” operation subtracts the entered value in the Amount field from the existing stock. At the bottom of the window, you can see a preview of changes.

stock management column 4

Track consumption in a task:

  1. Assign the item to a task
  2. Click on the Consume button in the assigned items table and enter the amount used in the window.
  3. Click on the displayed amount to add or edit an already recorded consumption of an item.
    stock management column 5


To export a list of consumed items from inventory

  1. Select all the items you want to export
  2. Click on Export button
  3. Select the option Consumption
  4. When you see a pop-up, click on Export
  5. This will create a Notification when the export in .zip format is ready

For more details refer to this article.



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