How to Edit Inventory Items

SciNote inventories capture information specific to your entries, and sometimes, that information needs updated.

In this article we will cover how to edit and update inventory items. If you are looking to edit inventory columns, you'll want to check out this article here.

To edit an Inventory, you need to hold the permissions of Team Owner or User. If you are trying to edit an inventory that is shared with you, you'll want to make sure that the sharing team granted editing permissions. 

How to edit an inventory item within the Inventory: 

How to edit a single inventory item:

  1. Head inside the Inventory that contains the item you wish to update
  2. Once inside, click the pencil next to the item that needs edited
  3. Update your information as needed.
  4. Click Save 

How to edit multiple inventory items at once:

  1. Head inside the Inventory that contains the items you wish to update
  2. Once inside, you have a few options to select your items: 
    - click the pencil icon next to each item
    - OR
    - tick the check box next to several items, click edit
    - OR
    - tick
    the check box at the top to select all items on the page, click edit
  3. Update your information as needed.
  4. Click Save 
    editing multiple items at once cropped

Editing multiple items at once is limited to 100 items at a time within the same inventory. To edit 100, be sure your show per page is set to 100.

show per page

How to edit an inventory item outside of the inventory: 

An inventory item can be edited anywhere you can access the item's card:

  1. Assign the inventory item to a designated task or use a hashtag to call the inventory item within any rich text field.
  2. Navigate to the specified location, where you will now find the inventory item represented as a clickable link.Clicking Inventory Item
  3. Click on the name of the inventory item link.
  4. An inventory item card will open on the right-hand side of the screen.
  5. Position your cursor over the desired properties, prompting a transformation into a pencil icon. This enables you to effortlessly edit the respective field.Edit Invnetory Card
  6. The edits are automatically saved when you click out of the field.

Please exercise caution when making alterations to inventory task cards within SciNote, as modifications are universally applied and will reflect in the updated format across all locations.

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