How to Add Items to an Inventory

You can add each item to the inventory individually or you can import an existing database of inventory items.

Before adding items, customize your inventory by adding columns. To learn how to do that, follow this article

To manually add an individual item:

  1. Click New itemAdding Inventory Item
  2. Fill out the information for each column
  3. Click save

To import a file of existing items:

  1. Create the same number of columns in SciNote that you wish to import from your Excel file
  2. Click on Import ItemsImporting Inventory Items
  3. A pop-up will ask you to choose a file. Click on Importing Inventory Items1
  4. You can upload a .csv, .txt, .tsv or .xlsx file. Select a file and then click Upload.
  5. Match the columns of your uploaded file to the columns in SciNoteImporting Inventory Items2
  6. Click on the blue import button 

Please note: if you wish to import a date into SciNote, the excel format should be DD/MM/YYYY

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