How to Create a Project and Add Users to it

As the owner of a project, you can decide whether you want to grant access to every team member or only to selected users.

To create a project:

  1. Select the projects icon on the left taskbar
  2. Click the New Project button in the upper left corner
New Project
  1. Choose the name of your project
  2. Set this project's permissions. You can Make it visible to everyone and then choose their permissions. 

Name the project

If you don`t want to Make it visible to everyonedon`t tick the box and add the selected members manually.

To add people to the project:

Click the plus icon (+) or any of the avatar icons on the bottom of the card. Alternatively, click the three dots symbol in the upper right corner of the project card and select Project members access from the drop-down menu
Add people to a project

  1. Add the users you want to work with by searching their names and selecting it
  2. Click the small dropdown window on the left to assign them the correct role

If you want to know more about users' roles in SciNote, read here.


If you are a Team Owner or the creator of a Team, you can add yourself as the owner of any project within that team.


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