Setting up user roles in SciNote

SciNote has two layers of user roles. The first layer comprises roles on the team level and the second layer comprises the roles on the project card level.

When a member is added to a team, the team administrator has to assign a role to them. When a member is a part of the team, he or she can create a project or can be added to a project card by the project owner, who assigns one of the applicable roles.

On the Team level, there are three user roles:

  • Team Administrator can manage the Team's members and see all its projects. This means they can easily change the role of team members or remove them from the team entirely. To manage these roles:
    1. Navigate to Settings>Teams> choose a team
    2. Click on the cogwheel under the Actions column (please see the screenshot below).
  • Normal User can create, edit, and archive Team's Projects (depending on her/his project role), Inventory items, Protocols, and Reports.
  • Guest is only allowed to view the Inventories, Protocols, Reports, and Projects he/she is invited to or that are shared with the entire Team.

On the Project card level, there are four user roles:

  • Owner has full authority when it comes to managing the people and the data on the projects. To manage members on the project level:
    1. Navigate to the Team-project screen by clicking on the Projects tab
    2. Click on the avatar icon in the selected project card
    3. To add a member to the project, select a member and a role for this person as shown in the screenshot below.
  • User has very similar rights as the Owner, with the exception of not having the privileges to manage its users. Furthermore, the User cannot archive a Project. They can archive an experiment, workflow, task, and result. 
  • Technician can follow the protocol and complete its steps. They can also leave comments. They cannot create, edit, or restore a task, nor can they create, edit, or delete the protocol steps.
  • Viewer can only view the project's content.

Team administrators can add themselves as Owners to any project by clicking on the avatar icon on the selected project and clicking + Add me as owner

For a more detailed overview of SciNote's user roles and permissions, please see this table. You can also watch a video tutorial on Project members and their roles below.

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