Assigning Tasks to users

SciNote allows you to manage individual user's roles at the task level. For information on how to grant user's access to tasks, follow the steps below.

To grant a user(s) access to a task you need to:

  1. Add them to the Project. This article here walks you through adding a user to a Project.
  2. Navigate to the task card you wish to add users to. 
  3. To enter the task card, click on the task card title.
  4. Once you are in the Protocol of the Task, in the top left corner you will see Details,  including who is assigned to the task. 
  5. When hovering your cursor next to the assigned user, a box will appear. Click inside the box for a drop down of available users.
  6. To select a user, click on their name from the drop down. To remove a user, click on the X next to their name.

When granting access to the task, they will automatically receive the role (Owner, User, Technician, or Viewer) that was assigned to them at the Project or Experiment level. If no role changes were made at the Experiment level, they will inherit the Project role. If roles were changed at the Experiment level, they will inherit the Experiment role.

To learn how to modify a user's permission on a task, check out this article.

💡 Tips and tricks

When viewing the task cards in the experiment, clicking on the people icon will expand the task card to reveal the users assigned to their task and their role. 


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