Managing user roles at the task level

In Projects you can have multiple layers of user roles, specifically at the Project, Experiment, and Task levels. Follow along for more information on how to view and modify a user's role at the task level.

To manage the roles at the task level you need to:

  1.  Begin in the task, specifically the protocol. Click on the information icon next to Details.
  2. From the pop up window, click on View task access.
  3. In the new window you will see each user's name, their role, and where the role was managed. To change the role, click on Change task role

    In this example, Al Bumin and Polly Ester were granted the User role at the Project level.
  4. From the drop down, click on the new role you wish to assign.
  5. After changing the task role, the window will update with the new role and the location it was granted.

    In this example, Al Bumin's role is being granted at the Task level. 

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