How To Co-sign a Task?

SciNote is a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software that allows you to sign and co-sign the performed tasks.

Co-signing (or co-witnessing) is performed after the second level of review is finished, for example, after the technical lead reviews and signs the task, the co-signing is done by the project manager.

To co-sign a task:

  1. From the Overview dashboard, check the Signature widget. All the Signature Requests will be shown here

    Signature Request

  2. Click the name of the task(in blue) that you have to co-sign. You will be redirected to the task page
  3. Hit the blue Sign Task buttonSign Task
  4. Click on SignSignature widget
  5. In the new window, input your user credentials and optionally write the reason for co-signing in the comment fieldSign
  6. Click the blue Sign button

You can use smart annotations(@ and #)  in the comments fields for improved collaboration. 

 To learn how to manage signatures in SciNote, read here.

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