Change the status on a task

How do I change the status on a task?

A task can have different statuses.

The task is initially labeled as Not started and passes through In progress before it can be marked Completed. Additionally, the SciNote premium plans with e-signatures also offer two more statuses - In review and Done.  The task status flow is depicted in the figure below.

When inside a task, the task status is displayed in its upper-right corner, as shown in the picture below.



If you are browsing through the tasks within an experiment, you will be able to see a task's status on the task card, as shown below.


Now let's take a look at how to move a task between the statuses. You have to move a task in this order (or vice versa): Not started, In progress, Completed, In review, Done. Please look at the picture below which shows how a task flows through these statuses.


When a task is marked In review, the task automatically gets locked (i.e. while in this status, no editing of the task is possible). At least one e-signature (several people can then co-sign a task if necessary) is required for a task to be moved from In review to Done. You can read more on how to sign a task here

If you'd like for a task to go from In review back to Completed, the e-signatures need to be revoked.  More on revoking signatures can be found here



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