Tables in SciNote

This article will explain how tables in SciNote should be used and what they are capable of.

You have three table options in SciNote:

  • You can create a table as described below - these tables support math operations.
  • You can create a table in any rich text field on the Protocol or Results (e.g. Notes, Protocol description, Step, Text results) - this table has formatting options (you can format the borders, background, text color, and style).
  • You can create an Excel spreadsheet (as part of the MS Office integration - for more information click here).

    Tables in SciNote can be created on a step or as a result on the Task level. You can create a table by clicking Table (see the image below)It is also possible to upload an Excel spreadsheet and edit it directly in SciNote. To learn more about Microsoft Office Online integration watch our video tutorial
Table results

If you already have a table created within Excel or in a Google Sheet you can copy the whole table and paste it into SciNote; the table will automatically adjust. To increase the number of table columns or rows, click on the table and press the right mouse button. Select the action you want to make (e.g. insert row above).

SciNote tables do support math formulas. You can read more about it in the following article

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