How To Upload My Results

You can input your results on the Task level in the Results tab.

To upload your results: 

  1. Navigate to the Results tab inside the task.
  2. Click + New result. 
  3. In the result entry, Click Insert content
  4. Select the result type in the drop-down:
    • Text (e.g. a sequence of base pairs of a plasmid vector)
    • File (upload any file type, chemical drawing or sequence, or create a new MS Office file)
    Add file
    • Table (e.g. table of calculated solution concentrations)
    • Well plate (choose the layout you need)


Everything that you upload under the results tab will be stored under that task and associated with the corresponding experiment and project. 

Use the comments feature to tag colleagues or link other data with smart annotations. To learn more about smart annotations, read this article


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