Using math operations and formulas in SciNote tables

Tables that are created under the section Table in a protocol step or under Results in SciNote support basic math operations just as Excel spreadsheets do, but with some exceptions. The functions that can be used in SciNote tables are the following:

  • SUM adds together a supplied set of numbers and returns the sum of these values (e.g. =SUM(C1;D1));
  • AVERAGE returns the arithmetic mean of a list of supplied numbers;
  • MEDIAN returns the statistical median (the middle value) of a list of supplied numbers;
  • MAX returns the largest value from a supplied set of numeric values;
  • MIN returns the smallest value from a supplied set of numeric values;
  • SLOPE calculates the slope of the linear regression line through a supplied set of x- and y- values;
  • IF tests a supplied condition and returns one result if the condition evaluates to TRUE, and another result if the condition evaluates to FALSE;
  • SQRT calculates the positive square root of a supplied number;
  • POWER calculates a given number raised to a supplied power;
  • LOG calculates the logarithm of a given number, to a supplied base;
  • LN calculates the natural logarithm of a given number;
  • LOG10 calculates the base 10 logarithm of a given number.

PRODUCT function can't be used in SciNote tables, but you can use * instead. 

Furthermore, when copy-pasting the numbers from the Excel file to the SciNote table, you need to open the view Show formulas in an Excel file first (see the image below) and then copy the content and paste it into the SciNote table using CTRL + V keys.


Please note that formulas are based on the position of cells, so if you copy-paste Excel table cells from C37:C44 to SciNote table cells A1:A8 the formulas won't function because of different cell positions.

Tables that are created in the rich text fields do not support formulas, they do, however, have formatting options.

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