Can I merge two SciNote organizations?

No, this is currently not possible. Every SciNote organization (i.e. Premium SciNote instance) is a separate entity. If you are a free user, and you wish to collaborate, please refer to our Premium plans.

Even though you cannot merge two SciNote organizations, you can easily share protocol templates or inventories by exporting them from one SciNote organization and importing them to the other.

As for the rest of the data (projects, experiments, tasks/workflows, and results), you will have to create it from scratch, but it can be done quite quickly by copy-pasting the content and uploading results files.

If you want to export your protocols, they have to be saved in the Protocols repository. To export protocols:

  1. Click on the Protocols repository icon
  2. Select the protocols
  3. Click the Export button (see the image below)
  4. The protocols are downloaded as an .eln file, which can be then easily imported into another SciNote organization.

To export the Inventory items, please refer to this FAQ. To import items into your inventory, refer to this FAQ .

After you export all the necessary data, log into the other SciNote account of the other organization and import all the protocols and inventory items by clicking the Import button, which is next to the Export button.

If you have any additional questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us at . For more information about the Premium plans, please request a quote