Exporting protocols

If you want to export your protocols, you can do so either by exporting a protocol from a task or by exporting a protocol template from your Protocols repository. In the latter case, you can export several protocols at once.

To export a protocol from a task:

  1. Navigate to the task you wish to export the protocol from
  2. Click on the Protocol options drop-down menu
  3. Select Export protocol
  4. The protocol is downloaded as a .eln file which can then easily be imported into another SciNote organization

To export a protocol template or several of them:

  1. Click on the Protocols repository icon
  2. Select the protocols you wish to export
  3. Click the Export button (see the image below)
  4. The protocols are downloaded as a .eln file which can be then easily imported into another SciNote organization



In the video below you can learn more about how to save, link and export a protocol.

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