Can I import a Word document as a protocol?

Yes - you can upload your Word document to SciNote's protocol parsing tool and it will import your protocol in SciNote's protocol layout.

If you would like an existing Word Document to become a protocol template, you can take advantage of SciNote's Protocol Parsing tool. 

You can find more information how the Protocol Parsing tool works here.


Caution: The Protocol parser is still in Beta. This means that it might work unexpectedly or not at all depending on the layout of your protocol in the Word document that you import.

The Protocol parser uses machine learning to improve over time, so it  get better with time as more protocols are uploaded.


An alternative approach to upload your Word document is to attach the file to a Protocol Step. This can be done inside the Protocol Templates or inside the Protocol section of a task card. The steps below describe the actions in a task card, however the same actions applies for the Protocol Template as well. 

  1. Enter your task card and create a step by clicking New Step
  2. Click on 'Insert content', select 'File', and then select 'From your PC'.Upload file

  3. Choose a file from your computer and click Save.

If you would like to learn more about how to create protocols please see the video below. 


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