How to Upload Images to a Protocol

Images can be uploaded as a file or embedded in the rich text field.

To upload an image as a file:

  1. Create a new protocol or navigate to an already created protocol.
  2. Create a step or edit a previously created step that is already created by clicking insert to the right of the step name.
  3. Select Add file in the dropdown.How to Upload an Image
  4. Click on "upload a file from your PC".How to Upload an Image
  5. Select the file you would like to add by clicking on it. 
  6. You can also drag and drop your file onto the gray box.

To embed an image: 

  1. Create a step or edit a previously created step in your protocol.
  2. While inside the rich rich text field, click the "choose an image" icon.Embed an Image
  3. Click on the image you would like to add.
  4. Click open.

Images that are uploaded as a file can be edited inside SciNote. 

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