How to Save a Protocol to the Protocol Templates

You can save already created protocols to your templates, while inside the task card.

To save your protocol:

  1. Nativagate to the desired task card.
  2. Click Protocol options on the right side of the protocol. How to Save a Protocol to the Respostory
  3. Click Save to repository in the drop-down and a popout will appear.How to Save a Protocol to the Respostory
  4. Keep the protocol the same name or give it a new name by clicking on the name a typing a new name. How to Save a Protocol to the Respostory
  5. Choose between saving it to your Team protocols or My protocols 
    1. Team protocols: your team can view 
    2. My protocols: only you can view
  6. If you want to link this task to the protocol in the registry, check the box at the bottom
  7. Once you are finished, click the blue save button 

Your procotol is now saved in the protocol templates to be uploaded easily for future use. To upload an article from the templates to a task, follow this article

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