How to Print Inventory Labels

Once you have completed your FLUICS printer set up, you are ready to begin printing labels.  

  1. Begin by navigating to your inventories in SciNote.
  2. Using the check boxes, check off the inventory item(s) you wish to print labels for. uuuuuu-1
  3. Click on Print label uuuuuu-2
  4. Select your Printer. Next, confirm the number of copies. Lastly, click Print label.
  5. After clicking Print label, a status window will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Additionally, you can print labels by clicking on the inventory item's name.


You will then receive a pop up of the inventory item summary along with the QR code. Click on Print label and follow step 4.

For information on what is included on the label, follow along here.

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