How to Create and Manage an Experiment

Experiments are created inside projects and hold task cards.

To create an experiment: 

  1. Create a project or enter an already existing project by clicking on the project's name.
  2. Click on the blue New experiment button on the top left. 
  3. A pop out will appear to name the experiment.
    1. adding a description is optional
  4. Once finished, click the blue create button. How to Create and Manage an Experiment

Only members with the role of Owner or User on the project level can create an experiment. 

To edit the details of the experiment: 

  1. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the card.
  2. Click Edit from the dropdown menu.edit_experiment

Experiment IDs are trackable IDs that automatically generate when you create an experiment. You can search for an Experiment by its ID via SciNote global search or the Experiments filter in the “Contains text” input field, which also appears in SciNote Reports.

To learn more about creating experiments watch our video tutorial.

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