How to Create a Team and Add Team Members

In order to use SciNote, every team member must be a part of a Team.

  • Teams can only be created by the Organization administrator.
  • A team cannot be deleted, however, you can rename it.
  • The Organization Administrator can add themselves to a Team as Team Owner.

To create a team follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Settings (gear icon on top right)
  2. Click Teams
  3. Click on the New Team button.
  4. Type the Team's name and if you would like, a description.
  5. Click Create.

After you have created your team, you can invite other team members. To invite additional users to your team:

  1. Click on Add team members
  2. Type their name if they are already a member of the organization. Input their email if they are not yet a member of your organization.
    NOTE: You must press space or enter after typing their email. A grey box will populate around the email and the Invite members button will illuminate.
  3. Click Invite Members.
  4. Choose their role (Owner,  User, or Viewer)

TIP: You can invite multiple users at once!

how to create a team and add users

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