How do I upload files to SciNote?

Uploading files are done under an individual protocol step and/or results.

You can upload any file type to a protocol step, but only certain file types can be opened directly inside SciNote. Examples of these files are .docx, .txt, .csv, .xlsx, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .ppt, .pdf, and ODF Documents (.odt, .ods, .odp). 

To upload files to your task:

  1. Open the step to which you would like to upload files.
  2. Click the Insert button on the right.
  3. Select File from the drop-down menu.
How do I upload files to SciNote
  1. Drag and drop or select to upload your file(s).
  2. Choose your file and click Save.

After the file is uploaded, you can also change the preview size of this particular file by clicking on the Settings icon (3 small dots in the right upper corner of the file window) as seen in the image below.

How do I upload files to SciNote

The size of a file uploaded is limited to 50 MB on the free account and 300 MB on the SciNote Premium account. 

You are also able to upload and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files within SciNote. All content changes will be saved automatically. 

For more information about attaching files to a protocol, watch this video. 

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