How are permissions and roles inherited downstream?

When a user is added to a Project they are assigned a role. This role is then inherited down through the other structural layers in SciNote. However, the inheritance can be manually interrupted and adjusted at the Experiment and Task levels.

SciNote allows you to manage access on all three layers (Project, Experiment, & Task). However, there are certain rules that apply.

To grant someone access to Experiments and/or Tasks, you first need to add the user to the Project. Keep in mind, you cannot change your own roles, however, you can change the roles of other users.

Once you assign a role on the Project level it is inherited downstream:


The same applies to lower layers as well. For example, when you assign a user a certain role on the Experiment, that role is inherited downstream to its Task(s). Meaning, if you were made a "User" on the Experiment, your role on the task is now also "User". However, you can manually change roles for each and every Experiment or Task. This gives you the ability to customize roles and permissions on each individual Project, Experiment, and Task inside your SciNote account. 

For example, someone may be added to a given Project as a Viewer. Manually, you update their the role at the experiment level to User. They are still a Viewer of the project, but also User at the experiment level, which then continues downstream making them a User at the task level. The same individual could have Viewer permissions on certain tasks and Owner permissions on others.

If you are wondering what your current role is on a certain level or if you are having trouble accessing a Project, Experiment, or Task, you can always check what your role is on that layer as seen in the video below. 


If you would like to learn how to grant access to users for Experiments or Tasks, please see the following articles. 

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