How and where can I enter my data in SciNote?

The data entry point inside SciNote is a Task, - this contains your protocol, notes, comments, files, results, and more.

A task is the last layer of SciNote's 3 tier hierarchal structure. A Task or sequence of tasks exist in an experiment, and experiments exist inside a project. 

You can think of projects as "main folders" that contain all data related to a particular project. Now that we know where the data goes, how do we start entering it?

Let's get started!

  1. Create a project.
  2. Then create an experiment.
  3. Within the experiment, create your task.
  4. When you open a task, each task includes an overview of protocols, results, activity, and archived results (see the image below).
  5. You can begin entering your data in the notes, protocol steps, comments, or results.

This structure will enable you to quickly search through all your data in the future as it will always be structurally organized. 

How and where can I enter my data in SciNote


To learn more about the basic data structure in SciNote watch our video tutorial or continue by reading this article


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