Why is my manuscript draft generated by the Manuscript Writer incomplete?

Drafts are created based on the scope and complexity of the data you have in SciNote, in combination with the open access references and corresponding keywords you provide.

  • Introduction and references– if the introduction and references sections are empty, please check whether the DOI numbers you entered are assigned to open access references. It can only include the references that are publicly available, and therefore cannot include the ones you personally might have access to. SciNote Manuscript Writer will use the open-access references whose DOI numbers you entered and also look for similar, relevant additional references, in the open-access databases. Please note that the quality and scope of the introduction section generated by SciNote Manuscript Writer will, for the time being, depend on the amount of available open access articles, which may vary based on your research field.

  • Materials and methods – if the materials and methods section is empty, please check whether you have any data saved within the project and experiment(s) you selected to be used for creating the manuscript. The experiments you add to the manuscript should contain one or more tasks. It would be best if your task contain content such as protocol steps with text, images, tables, etc.

  • Results – if the results section is empty, please check whether you have your results saved in the results tab in SciNote. Every task you create in SciNote allows you to save your results under the Results tab. Based on your saved data, the Manuscript Writer can generate the results section.

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