What is the Image Annotation Tool?

The image annotation tool allows you to edit images that are attached as files.

The Image annotation tool is integrated into the File preview screen and can be used for the following image attachments: .jpg, .jpeg, .png.

To use the image annotation tool:

  1. Upload a file into a step or a result
  2. Click on the three dots in the thumbnail 
  3. Click edit in SciNoteImage Annotation Tool

You will be directed to a new screen with the image editing toolbar that appears below the image preview. Image Annotation Tool

The types of edits you can make to the image are:

  • resizing
  • cropping
  • flipping
  • rotating
  • drawing
  • adding shapes
  • adding text
  • filters
  • adding addition images 

After you are finished click the Save & Close button in the right upper corner.

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