What is SciNote's Microsoft Office Online Integration?

A user can create, upload, and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files inside their SciNote account. 

Files can be edited and uploaded in protocols, results, and inventories.

To benefit from this feature, Microsoft requires an active account with online editing rights for all business users, i.e. Microsoft 365 business account. All files are uploaded to the SciNote cloud and then stored on a Microsoft Office Online Server. 

The login is NOT requested by SciNote, and SciNote does not have access to your Microsoft account credentials. 

Free users are not required to have a Microsoft account to use Microsoft Office integration.

Some Microsoft Office 365 "in-country" account types can cause users the inability to log in. This is due to the authentication system for such accounts is completely separate from the standard account system. This applies to any account using Office 365 Germany (microsoft.de) or similar "in-country" account types, or government account types that also mandate that data stay within a specific country.

For additional information, read this blog post

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