User permissions on experiment cards

After a user has been added to a project with a given set of permissions, these permissions can be edited for an individual experiment card (and then trickle down to all of its tasks).

To change the set of user permissions on an experiment card:

  1. Make sure the user you want to grant access and/or editing permissions is added to the project.
  2. Click Experiment access under additional options of the experiment card.
  3. Change the set of permissions a user has on the chosen experiment card.

When reviewing user role permissions for a particular experiment card, a tag next to the user's name shows on which level the user permissions were set. After you change user permissions for one of the users on a given experiment card, the tag next to their name will say 'Experiment'.


User permissions are inherited down the SciNote structure (project > experiment > task), however, the inheritance stops where the permissions are manually changed.


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