Can you tell me more about SciNote's cloud data security?

We can assure you that the strongest data security protocols are used to protect your data against third party security breaches.

We use one of the strongest platform providers for hosting SciNote data - Amazon Web Services (AWS), which guarantees 99.999999999% persistence of all uploaded files and offers state-of-the-art physical protection for the servers and infrastructure.

SciNote communicates with external services using protected network connections, such as Heroku PostgreSQL database (SSL/TLS) and Amazon S3 (HTTPS).

SciNote uses an RSA SSL certificate and a strong 256-bit key exchange for secure data transmission. This is a strong private encryption that protects your information. We also encrypt your data at rest.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at . For more information about the Premium plans, please request a quote