How to Move an Experiment to a Different Project

When moving experiments from project to project, all of the content is moved.

To move the experiment: 

  1. Navigate to the project the experiment is currently in
  2. Select the experiment by clicking on the box
  3. Click move in the bottom toolbar that pops upmove_experiment
  4. Select the project in the dropdown 
  5. Click the blue move button

If you would like to move an experiment card into another project, you have to be:

  • in the current project card: a user role with editing permissions for the experiment card and all its tasks,
  • in the receiving project card: a user with editing permissions in this project 

When moving an experiment, the entire content i.e. all tasks are transferred. This includes all comments, results, activities, and tags as well. 

You can learn more about moving experiments, watch the video below.


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