How to Create a Project Folder?

Project folders allow you to further organize your projects.

You can create folders and subfolders in the Projects section of SciNote.

Only Team Owners are allowed to create, rename, move, and delete project folders.

To create a project folder:

  1. Click the New folder button on the Project dashboard.

    How to Create a Project Folder
  2. Type the name of the folder. 
  3. Click the blue Create folder button.

To move a project or a folder to another folder: 

  1. Select the Projects and folders you would like to move by ticking the checkbox in the top left corner of the project or folder card.
  2. Click on the Move button on the bottom as seen in the image above.
    How to Create a Project Folder-1-1
  3. Choose a destination folder from the navigator.
  4. Click on the blue Move button to move them to the selected destination folder.

You can only delete folders that are empty and do not include any projects. Remove projects from a folder to delete the folder. 

For more information, watch the video below. 

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