Creating chemical drawings

SciNote is integrated with Marvin JS, a chemical drawing tool by ChemAxon. Marvin JS allows you to draw and modify, both basic and advanced, chemical structures and reactions within SciNote. 

You can start creating chemical structures from any rich text editor field within a Task by either, clicking on the icon, or by clicking on the button "Create Chemical Drawing" in the Step section (see the image below).


chemical drawing

When you click on the "Create Chemical Drawing" button a new window will appear. Some of the features you can use are listed below:

  • Draw your chemical structures and chemical reactions
  • Add text to the drawings
  • Rotate and mirror the molecules
  • Create 3D models.

You can also draw the chemical structures via the search option, as you can see on the .gif below. 

When finished, simply click the "Save and Close" button. The image will be embedded into the text field or attached as a file in the Attachments section. 

The 30-day free trial license for Marvin JS, the chemical structures drawing tool, is available to every SciNote Premium user. 

If you are a SciNote Premium user and would like to continue using this chemical drawing tool, contact your key account manager here at SciNote, or send us your request here, and we will guide you through.

If you do not use SciNote Premium yet, we kindly invite you to check out SciNote Premium plans here.