Handwritten Notes in SciNote

SciNote supports handwriting even though it doesn't have its own handwriting add-on yet.

Tablets and some smartphones will come with built-in handwriting recognition capabilities. You can also simply download an app (e.g. Google Handwriting Input or Notes Plus) that will add an additional keyboard option to your tablet or smartphone.

This feature allows you to enter handwritten notes which are then directly converted into a digital format in any text field in SciNote. This feature adds the ease of handwritten notes but eliminates the worry that others may struggle to read your handwriting.

By converting your handwritten notes to a digital format, you are receiving the additional benefit of making your notes easily edited, stored, and searched.

When opening a text field in SciNote, a blank field for handwriting will appear on your keyboard. You may transcribe your notes using your finger or stylus pen and your letters will then be automatically converted into digital text. You can find your newly digitized notes in the SciNote text field you were writing in.

SciNote usage for mobile view

We encourage you to take advantage of this feature in your lab today. If you have additional questions, you may contact our premium support group at support@scinote.net.