Can I edit the start date or the completion date of a task?

Yes! The start date can be edited and the completion date can be updated via the task progress.

To set or change a start date, simply click +Add starting date in the task details. As seen in the image below, you can select your date and time from the calendar. 

Can I edit the start date or the completion date of a task

Regarding the completion date, we would suggest you use the Complete task button. When you click on the Complete task button the completion date of the selected task is time-stamped and this timestamp cannot be changed.

You can, however, return the task status to In Progress and Complete Task multiple times - these will be time-stamped as well. The most recent time/date stamp of the Task completion will reflect in the task details.

To learn more about how to keep track of task completion in SciNote watch our video tutorial.


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