Advanced Inventory Filters

SciNote offers advanced inventory filters to strengthen and improve your search for specific items.

To use this feature, go into one of your Inventories and look for the filter icon on the right side (see picture below)


Adding new filters:

  1. Simply click the  button.
  2. This will open a list of columns in the current inventory which you can add as individual filters. From here, you can create your own customized filter combination.
  3. You can add multiple filters for the same column with different settings. 
  4. When you are happy with the selected filters and their settings, you can apply them by clicking the Show results button.

Note: Different inventories will have different filters available as the filterable options are set by the columns.

Deleting filters:

You can remove any filter using the delete button on the right or remove all filters at once using the Clear button as shown in this picture:

2022-04-21 15_12_05-1342tgbe - Paint


Saving filters:

Once a filter is applied, you can save it using the Save filters button.

2022-04-21 15_13_54-SciNote _ Inventories _ Burners


Loading saved filters:

You can access saved filters using the Filters dropdown menu in the top left corner of the filtering box. 

Additionally, all saved filters in a shared inventory are accessible to every user of that inventory.

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To read more about advanced filters, please see this dedicated blog post

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